It’s me looking so serious!Update: I have recently graduated from IAUSTB in Mechatronics, Robotics and Mehcatronics Systems design, as a M.Sc. in Engineering.

Born in 1971, I have studied math and physics in high school, and then I have studied Computer Hardware B.Sc. Engineering at Azad University of Tehran, South.

My main interests are Robotics, Embedded controller design, and any project I find interesting for research, and I do most of the research project on my own, and for my own. Although having an sponsor for projects looks good, but I can not hold something I am eager to explore until some company finds it interesting. If I can do it myself, even considering no monetary results might be there, I will just go for it.

For living, I do Computer and IT consultancy, design E-Commerce and regular web sites, and develope software for customers.

And you may ask what are my hobbies? well, there are lots of hobbies out there for me. Basically, research on everything I like, and developing something based on that research, is my greatest interest.

Then I also like fishing. although the damge to the nature in where I leave is so huge I still try to help others know how important is to be friend with nature, and to preserve it. I look for every opportunity to go fishing, and try to be a fair and responsible amateur fisher.

My other hobby is container gardening and plants, though I have a very small place for containers, I still love to see  peppers, tomatoes and even cactus to grow and show a little of the prettiest green of the nature.

I also have daughter which I love so much, and I wish her to be able to see the nature is not damaged and trees and animals exist and not distinct, through out her life.

So people, please be friend with the nature, don’t kill whales, sea turtles, rhinos, crocodiles, and elephants for any purposes, there are lots of other animals for food etc.

And don’t kill trees, and if you need to cut trees, plant a younger one, cutting trees for no reason is like murder.