Handcrafted a Tomahawk!

I had some flat steel spring back a few months ago, and a piece of wood so I thought why not make a lighter axe for my back pack instead of ordinary cheap Chinese ones?

So I started hand cutting and cold hammering and sanding and sanding and even more sanding/polishing and at last A Tomahawk was born. It can carve firewood, hammer nails and maybe some attacker’s heads Indian’s style 🙂


The thick blade is sharp enough to be used also as a knife to prepare food. I also sanded/shaped a piece of wood branch I kept for this purpose for such a long time. Then I added some paracord and it looks beautiful, smooth and light, so I put away the bigger axe.

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3D design software and today’s problems.

I am not an “expert” 3d designer, but Working in 3D animation industry for a while couple of decades ago, and designing parts and robots for the past years and even using 3D printing everyday as a mean to build my robotic and other mechanical parts for several years now, brings a painful fact 3D software all lack very important features even now.

I expected engineering software to advance much better in 20 years, and while they all may look modern, I see not much has happened yet.

Don’t know how to describe it, but for example, AutoCAD (the most disgusting one I use the most), can use numbers. I mean every length, angle etc. has a variable to edit and issue. The it is super dumb. It works like it did back in 1990s, it was the most stupid engineering software I remember. Everybody still forced to use it, maybe just for those numbers.

There were lots of other software, mostly for 3D animation design, and they were much much better than AutoCAD, you could easily and visually design objects with different sculpting or mathematical methods. I have designed complex objects like animals super easy, but then the units used were not mathematically enough to build accurate parts for a CNC or 3D printer.

Today, still such software exists, say Blender as an example. and the same problem persists. Trying to forget AutoCad is still the same old one, just version number is raised.

Anyway, I am not feeling comfortable and I can not design what I really and accurately like or need without losing some hair.

I need an environment I can both visually and mathematically design and sculpt and modify, I want it to not have a thousand buttons but without the capability to extrude a simple shape without killing me first. I want it to have features where I can modify object by rotating, carving them like lathe, etc etc.

3D printing is going inside everyone’s home, and available software are so lame I don’t know what people will think. It may even backlash and scare them off for several years!

Do something. and no, a 2000 dollar software suit can’t win the hearts. they will either forget about it or will pirate it.


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Drone’s Future, or what Private Drone Operators will offer.

I believe sooner or later, there will be a market for those private drone owners/builders to accept “special” missions of almost every type to spy, visualize, monitor things we may not even imagine right now.
They will be able to sneak into everything and every airspace, collect every type of data, to be sold privately and even out of control of authorities.
Say an small drone with the least possible RADAR signature follows a series of way points, simply collects data and because it has no communications it also can not be easily traced or seen, then comes back home with a treasure of data to be sold, used or abused.
It is inevitable, it will happen. Not people not lawyers and not even governments can control this.


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An idea about Asteroids’ heat and the fate of dinosaurs (and so)

fictional image of asteroid impact on Earth

I just had an idea, and I apologize if Astrophysicists have thought of this before, I am not one of them so I might be unaware of this.

Everyone talks about the impact force and results of it when an asteroid, specially a big one hits a planet, specially our Earth, but I have never heard of anyone considering the heat it generates entering through atmosphere. I think it could be pretty huge amount of energy “added” to the Earth’s total and regular input (from Sun) making some kind of “Global Warming”, changing environment and killing some species.

Could that be another reason dinosaurs disappeared? (Yes I know the birds are them, but don’t tell anyone 🙂 )
How many other species may have died which we don’t know of?

And I repeat here, Scott please don’t throw your trash out of ISS, it may kick the sh*t our of some people while some other’s may find the fireworks amusing.


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After 2.5 years of study and research, with the help of my Professors and instructors, My Thesis was defended and finished yesterday, So basically I am graduated from IAUSTB as a M.Sc. Engineering of Mechatronics. The amount of work was devastating (and it continues!), but it was finally accepted and I guess part of pressure is gone now.

Kind of glad, but also tired, very. The work is still on and we need to finish the work and also do papers etc.

I would love the make the work Open Source, but I need the university to give me a permission on that. If so, I will release the study. Otherwise only official studies will be published.

Lots of work until PhD, if some Doctoral school accepts me in 🙂

Studying will never finish for me, or I’ll be dead.


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Some Poem, almost…

Watching some surprisingly emotional moment between two people, this came to my mind:

This is so emotional,
yet so beautiful,
I don’t know which one’s suffering more,
but nobody deserves such a pain,
yet I can live all my life for such a short moment…
Paymaan Jafari


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Farsi equal for IoT, Internet of Things.

I was thinking the other day for an equivalent word in Farsi for Internet of Things or IoT, which is getting the heat as new thing in the world of technology since last summer, and well I was involved in it in some small ways, developing some prototypes to see how it might change the world.

I guess “چیز نت” pronounced “Cheese Net” or ChizNet would be a easy and better word in Farsi than “اینترنت اشیاء” which is nowhere close to farsi  or an easy word to repeat, to be used as an equivalent for Internet of Things, So I am going to use this from now on.


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Looping Time?

What if time is in a loop? This probability suddenly came to my mind today, and I am not heard of it anywhere else, so the question remains. What if time is continuous, but in a looping way, it bends and reaches the first point of its beginning and it turns and turns and turns?

Is it possible everything is being repeated for “eternity”? Well eternity will mean something else then, and lots of calculations will be changed! Of course if this loop is big enough, say towards infinity, then it will be possible to work out current theories and formulas and make them more accurate, more “loop” friendly.

Just another thought, another overflow of my brain!


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Exo-hand is ready!

Project update, the printing and building of previously mentioned Exo hand went well, and I finally finished it. Here is a picture of the final build. works ok, although i still think it should be independent of drilling and screws etc and size would be better if it was a little more flexible.



3DPrinted Exo-hand



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Printing an exo-hand

I have printed first part of the Exo-hand and in this stage it seems fine. First prototype is almost done, except for screws. Claws are not printed yet. This will be also available to the highest bidder in case anyone is interested. The funds will be used for improving the design probably.

This design is not mine, but I am interested in Improving, re-designing it although I am a little busy with my Thesis, so in case people ask for it, it will be an ongoing project. Just give your thoughts.

The original was this:

And this is mine so far:

Exo hands

Exo hand, first part, without screws, slight modifications to the original design.


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