A new blog is being born!

It’s me looking so serious!Hello everybody!

It took me several years before I finally decided to have my own blog, not because I am new to this, but because my mind has always been filled with a lot of things, and while I am absolutely a problem resolver, deciding on my own projects sometimes gets so difficult.

This time, it got several years before I assure myself I really need to give my thoughts out on a blog, and to share my ideas with others and benefit from those many great minds out there. But it seems I am finally in a position to actually begin it.

I am not much excited yet, but maybe this work turns to something real good, so I collect all my hopes and will try my best to make something mutually useful.

I want to give my ideas on almost everything. I am very fond of personal R&D and have passed most of my life doing this on almost everything I have found interesting, I will try my best to continue this, because this is a field I like so much, even considering how hard it is to put your own money on some costly research, without any sponsors, almost no support and sometimes even lots of objections from those who don’t believe or those who don’t see any monetary results, or even those who simply are used to let others do their works.

So, let’s start and hope we will do fine.

That’s all for now, and let I do some fine tunings to my Word Press environment.

About Paymaan Jafari Taayemeh

Graduated in 2015 as a Robotics and Mechatronics Systems Design Engineer, previously a Computer Hardware B.Sc. Engineering, a proud Iranian, has a lovely daughter. Does R&D and designs/makes Robotics, Mechatronics, Drones, Embedded systems. Also works as a consultant in Hi-tech related stuff. Has a passion for fishing, wood and metalworking and prototyping.
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2 Responses to A new blog is being born!

  1. Am I The First One Commenting On It?…WoooooooW…First Record In 2008.

    And This Blog Is The Firse Happy News In 2008. And I Bet This’ll Be The

    Best One Started In 2008… WithThe best Wishes And Most Joyful Hopes

    (Did i use the right words?)

  2. Peyman Izadpanah says:

    Hi Peyman (same name 🙂 )

    It will be new window in R&D under your supervision and it makes me glad.
    Let me know if i could help you in this regard.

    Take care,
    Peyman (again!)

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