Again about data (in-)security!

I guess the last week’s Wednesday-Thursday events is some kind of proof to my last post about data insecurity in digital age.

Last week, 2 data cable out of 3 which connect Middle East from Egypt to central Asia like India, were simply damaged by possibly ship anchors at somewhere near Alexandria port in Egypt. Almost all of internet connection of this part of world has been blacked out since then, and companies have told it will take a few days (to a couple of weeks) to repair the problems.

Even worse than that, yesterday another cable around Dubai, UAE, was cut off to worsen the problem even further. I have had even huge problems with updating this blog, almost 100% of data is being lost, and all data is being rerouted through Japan to US, possibly on very slow and bad networks.

You see, in digital age we are related on 2 inch cables placed at sea bed, and if a shark tries to brush his teeth with them, half of the world will lose billions of dollars of funds.

So let me be scared that much, we are walking almost on hair-thin ropes, and be prepared, we may lose everything so easily we may not gonna believe ever!


P.S. I am still having problems sending this post, this is third time I am trying, so the problem is real!

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