Tribute to Steve Jobs, 1955-2011


RIP Steve Jobs Apple CEO and Co-Founder, PIXAR

RIP Steve Jobs Apple CEO and Co-Founder, PIXAR

I have never used an Apple computer yet except for emulations like ShapeShifter back on old Amiga days, We Amiga users were always in competition with Apple users, arguing etc. etc., But just like Amiga’s visionaries like the Jay Miner, Steve Jobs was a great visionary, a gigantically professional CEO and somebody who changed the world we live so hard.

Obviously, his products are far far better than Windows PCs and anything Microsoft based. and I doubt for sure Owners of Microsoft ever get such respect when passing, you know who I mean.

He died of cancer Yesterday 5th OCT. 2011, and I pray for him and hope he rests in peace.

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