Thesis robot project continues…

After 4 day+nights of heavy work along my colleague to design first prototypes of the robot we are designing, I finally took the design to the laser shop to cut them. 2 copies were cut so we can have spares, just in case, or if everything goes well, build a second one.

Laser cutting robot platform parts

Laser cutting robot platform parts

The design took lots of work, and we used (and learned to use) Autocad, Solidworks, Freecad, Cura 15, Coreldraw, etc. etc. but it finally went well, and the parts look ok and measures are correct 95% of the times. And those little mistakes re recoverable as we are using a Prusa i3 now to make 3D printed parts as well. 3D printed parts are much lighter and strong enough, so, wish us luck, while thousands of man-hours to finish the project.

3D printed parts, Servo horns and Li-Ion holder.

3D printed parts, Servo horns and Li-Ion holder.


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Pilots wanna leave towards space,
people wanna leave the earth and fly,
dolphins wanna leave the ocean and become people,

We are never satisfied of our environments, we never feel free.


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Captain Parviz Jafari of IRIAF

My Beloved dad.

It’s been a month since my dad passed away (2nd Feb 2015), and I guess I can’t believe it yet, or maybe I do not want to. He was full of life, and never complained. 30 years elder than me, still he was much stronger, kind at the same time, and finished every work he started.

All I can do is to appreciate everything he taught me, and all of great things he did for all of the family. God bless your soul dad.



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Got my boarding ticket for Orion launch to Mars! :)

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VIP encounter!

Professor Dr. Zohoor and me May 2013.

This semester, I have been so honored to be studying under one the best academics, Professor Dr. Hassan Zohoor of Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

A man  so talented and at the same time so humble I don’t even believe how lucky I have been to be able to learn from him.



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Will people ever forget The Speaking?

Right before the Persian Calendar’s New Year 1392 starts a couple of hours ago, I was thinking what if people get used to texting and remote communication in hundreds of year that they forget talking and listening?

Thousands of years ago, human beings  could not talk at all, as we now.  But back then at first they didn’t have such a need.  And as we all know human beings can’t do telepathy or things like that.  So they invented speech and developed it into languages.

Now, people have developed other sorts of communications.  Internet, texting, reading, etc. etc.  And as we all know, texting has found its place in today’s culture that it almost has blocked other means.  And we learn most things through watching and reading.

So, I am thinking, what if people go even worse than this in a few decades or centuries and speech system loses its place.   Then the languages will be weakened, like many dialects have been extinct in the past century.  As speech is lost, and as telepathy doesn’t exist (yet).  What will really happen say in a couple of centuries?  Even if human gets implanted wireless communication chips?

Think about it, the future might not what we always think,  Just envision a world where people don’t see each other much, don’t talk to each other much, instead they send messages, read books online or through embedded communication chips inside their bodies and so on.  Will speech be extinct someday?


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Back to school!

Nothing special, just that I am back to school after more than a decade, in the same university as before (IAUS)  and for a M.Sc. Eng. in Mechatronics.  It is in the same direction I headed before, so most of my work will be the same.  Just thought to update everybody about this.



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3D modelling and animations software…

Back in the 90’s,  One of my hobbies was to create 3D models and 3D animations,  it was the latest trend and well I really liked it.

I believe I started with software like Real3D and Imagine, maybe even a little of TurboSilver. Computers were slow and It would take a lot to render quality images to make acceptable animation, but the result was stunning and I could take the pain of  waiting for it to render for hours even days.  I guess also the habit of me never turning my computers off started there, My Amiga was always working and rendering so I didn’t turn it off, and then I never turned any other computers of mine off, they work year around, and now that there are messengers and web2 apps etc.  around, there is always a reason to keep it on 🙂

Back then I made a few demo animations, a leather sofa model (which really got attention from around) and a really successful TV commercial for a giant supermarket chain.   I also used 3D software to cover my non-creativity.  I am really not a creative person I guess, and maybe that is the reason I never entered music market.   I draw sketches, a lot of them, and I am good at designing them, even for a few years I draw Manga,   but it wasn’t artistic at all.  So  I used 3D imaging software to create the graphics I needed.

So I believe there is a fine line between creative drawing and composing and even film making and technical versions of these.   I almost design and draw and paint and illustrate and direct all graphics and art I need  for my web design work (or whatever else, even designing graphics on my PCBs) but never considered them artistic.

And after everybody rushed in the 3D animation market,  I jumped to another hobby, say first university and coding and the rest is history.  Technology changed and I didn’t like any of the 3D software anymore.  I felt lost in them.  complex stupid UI’s with a ton of unusual things to learn every time you touch a software, and thousands to pay for each.  I stayed on designing embedded hardware, crafts, web sites etc. etc.

Then I have a lot of time spending on social networks, and specially after my heart attack, I feel to create more.  more than 2 decades and never entering music world, I feel like doing it.  I feel like sketching even more, and I really want to enter and goof around 3D modelling.  So, tried a little search for most popular ones, and decided to try Blender.  It seems much like Maya, so I would have less problems understanding it, possibly 🙂

Maybe I lose the interest in a few days, or maybe I design my sketches in 3D afterwards, I don’t know.  You too just find something and get the hell out of FB and Twitter and Linkedin and whatever else consuming your creative time.  Right NOW I mean!



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A personal experience with voice over

I loved a piece of text and this is what came out after a few hours of recording and mixing things together. My first (and possibly last) in decades.

So please be kind 🙂

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Living in a Huge Microwave Oven!

Yes, this seems to be real for all people living in Tehran, Iran of today.   Normally I don’t write about politics.  But it has happened to me and I think I have to do something about it.   Everybody is suspicious this is really happening since two years ago but nobody confirms it directly.

Living in Tehran all my life, I have never smoked, never had any kind of alcoholic beverages. I eat very little red meat and lots of veggies and fish and  I have tried to keep my weight down.  I do walk, sometimes hike, and do a little exercise too. I want to say I live an almost healthy life.   I am 41, and suddenly it happened to me, in the worst shape.

I had a sudden heart attack and one of my coronary arteries was 100% clotted! a full hundred percent!  Do you believe somebody can feel absolutely no signs of chest pain when his/her heart is for example 99 percent clotted?  I am thinking, I have done a lot of heavy things a few hours before that, and I felt nothing wrong.  So I say, my artery has been open at least for a few big percents.  Something has happened while I was driving in the city which led to my artery being closed suddenly.   Not slowly.

Too many birth defects, times more cancer related sickness, and lots of heart attacks have happened in the past 2 years in Iran, specially after they started disrupting foreign satellite TV channels by installing stationary and mobile rigs disguised as military trucks or flagpoles so tall and huge strongest winds can’t wave!

Nobody is doing anything to stop this.  Just because they want people to  not see the news, they have turned the whole city into a huge Microwave oven burning insides of us slowly.

I don’t need a proof to this anymore, I am feeling it inside me.  I know what they are doing, and it doesn’t matter what they  do to me now.  I am not scared.  I saw my death again and I know they are the reason.  Thanks God and my hospital and professional Doctor, I am still alive, but what will happen next? what about others, what about our kids?

How long and big their idiocy is going to continue?



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