Living in a Huge Microwave Oven!

Yes, this seems to be real for all people living in Tehran, Iran of today.   Normally I don’t write about politics.  But it has happened to me and I think I have to do something about it.   Everybody is suspicious this is really happening since two years ago but nobody confirms it directly.

Living in Tehran all my life, I have never smoked, never had any kind of alcoholic beverages. I eat very little red meat and lots of veggies and fish and  I have tried to keep my weight down.  I do walk, sometimes hike, and do a little exercise too. I want to say I live an almost healthy life.   I am 41, and suddenly it happened to me, in the worst shape.

I had a sudden heart attack and one of my coronary arteries was 100% clotted! a full hundred percent!  Do you believe somebody can feel absolutely no signs of chest pain when his/her heart is for example 99 percent clotted?  I am thinking, I have done a lot of heavy things a few hours before that, and I felt nothing wrong.  So I say, my artery has been open at least for a few big percents.  Something has happened while I was driving in the city which led to my artery being closed suddenly.   Not slowly.

Too many birth defects, times more cancer related sickness, and lots of heart attacks have happened in the past 2 years in Iran, specially after they started disrupting foreign satellite TV channels by installing stationary and mobile rigs disguised as military trucks or flagpoles so tall and huge strongest winds can’t wave!

Nobody is doing anything to stop this.  Just because they want people to  not see the news, they have turned the whole city into a huge Microwave oven burning insides of us slowly.

I don’t need a proof to this anymore, I am feeling it inside me.  I know what they are doing, and it doesn’t matter what they  do to me now.  I am not scared.  I saw my death again and I know they are the reason.  Thanks God and my hospital and professional Doctor, I am still alive, but what will happen next? what about others, what about our kids?

How long and big their idiocy is going to continue?



About Paymaan Jafari Taayemeh

Graduated in 2015 as a Robotics and Mechatronics Systems Design Engineer, previously a Computer Hardware B.Sc. Engineering, a proud Iranian, has a lovely daughter. Does R&D and designs/makes Robotics, Mechatronics, Drones, Embedded systems. Also works as a consultant in Hi-tech related stuff. Has a passion for fishing, wood and metalworking and prototyping.
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