Will people ever forget The Speaking?

Right before the Persian Calendar’s New Year 1392 starts a couple of hours ago, I was thinking what if people get used to texting and remote communication in hundreds of year that they forget talking and listening?

Thousands of years ago, human beings  could not talk at all, as we now.  But back then at first they didn’t have such a need.  And as we all know human beings can’t do telepathy or things like that.  So they invented speech and developed it into languages.

Now, people have developed other sorts of communications.  Internet, texting, reading, etc. etc.  And as we all know, texting has found its place in today’s culture that it almost has blocked other means.  And we learn most things through watching and reading.

So, I am thinking, what if people go even worse than this in a few decades or centuries and speech system loses its place.   Then the languages will be weakened, like many dialects have been extinct in the past century.  As speech is lost, and as telepathy doesn’t exist (yet).  What will really happen say in a couple of centuries?  Even if human gets implanted wireless communication chips?

Think about it, the future might not what we always think,  Just envision a world where people don’t see each other much, don’t talk to each other much, instead they send messages, read books online or through embedded communication chips inside their bodies and so on.  Will speech be extinct someday?


About Paymaan Jafari Taayemeh

Graduated in 2015 as a Robotics and Mechatronics Systems Design Engineer, previously a Computer Hardware B.Sc. Engineering, a proud Iranian, has a lovely daughter. Does R&D and designs/makes Robotics, Mechatronics, Drones, Embedded systems. Also works as a consultant in Hi-tech related stuff. Has a passion for fishing, wood and metalworking and prototyping.
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