Printing an exo-hand

I have printed first part of the Exo-hand and in this stage it seems fine. First prototype is almost done, except for screws. Claws are not printed yet. This will be also available to the highest bidder in case anyone is interested. The funds will be used for improving the design probably.

This design is not mine, but I am interested in Improving, re-designing it although I am a little busy with my Thesis, so in case people ask for it, it will be an ongoing project. Just give your thoughts.

The original was this:

And this is mine so far:

Exo hands

Exo hand, first part, without screws, slight modifications to the original design.


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Graduated in 2015 as a Robotics and Mechatronics Systems Design Engineer, previously a Computer Hardware B.Sc. Engineering, a proud Iranian, has a lovely daughter. Does R&D and designs/makes Robotics, Mechatronics, Drones, Embedded systems. Also works as a consultant in Hi-tech related stuff. Has a passion for fishing, wood and metalworking and prototyping.
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