Farsi equal for IoT, Internet of Things.

I was thinking the other day for an equivalent word in Farsi for Internet of Things or IoT, which is getting the heat as new thing in the world of technology since last summer, and well I was involved in it in some small ways, developing some prototypes to see how it might change the world.

I guess “چیز نت” pronounced “Cheese Net” or ChizNet would be a easy and better word in Farsi than “اینترنت اشیاء” which is nowhere close to farsi  or an easy word to repeat, to be used as an equivalent for Internet of Things, So I am going to use this from now on.


About Paymaan Jafari Taayemeh

Born 1971, I have studied math and physics in high school, and then Computer Hardware B.Sc. Engineering. I am proudly an Iranian, and have one daughter. I design and develop e-commerce and regular websites, design and develop and build Embedded controllers, and I am also a freelance IT consultant. Both the best job and hobby in my mind is Research and Development. I also have a passion for Fishing, wood and metalwork and prototyping. Translate all of these to a passion for robotics :)
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