After 2.5 years of study and research, with the help of my Professors and instructors, My Thesis was defended and finished yesterday, So basically I am graduated from IAUSTB as a M.Sc. Engineering of Mechatronics. The amount of work was devastating (and it continues!), but it was finally accepted and I guess part of pressure is gone now.

Kind of glad, but also tired, very. The work is still on and we need to finish the work and also do papers etc.

I would love the make the work Open Source, but I need the university to give me a permission on that. If so, I will release the study. Otherwise only official studies will be published.

Lots of work until PhD, if some Doctoral school accepts me in 🙂

Studying will never finish for me, or I’ll be dead.


About Paymaan Jafari Taayemeh

Born 1971, I have studied math and physics in high school, and then Computer Hardware B.Sc. Engineering. I am proudly an Iranian, and have one daughter. I design and develop e-commerce and regular websites, design and develop and build Embedded controllers, and I am also a freelance IT consultant. Both the best job and hobby in my mind is Research and Development. I also have a passion for Fishing, wood and metalwork and prototyping. Translate all of these to a passion for robotics :)
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