An idea about Asteroids’ heat and the fate of dinosaurs (and so)

fictional image of asteroid impact on Earth

I just had an idea, and I apologize if Astrophysicists have thought of this before, I am not one of them so I might be unaware of this.

Everyone talks about the impact force and results of it when an asteroid, specially a big one hits a planet, specially our Earth, but I have never heard of anyone considering the heat it generates entering through atmosphere. I think it could be pretty huge amount of energy “added” to the Earth’s total and regular input (from Sun) making some kind of “Global Warming”, changing environment and killing some species.

Could that be another reason dinosaurs disappeared? (Yes I know the birds are them, but don’t tell anyone 🙂 )
How many other species may have died which we don’t know of?

And I repeat here, Scott please don’t throw your trash out of ISS, it may kick the sh*t our of some people while some other’s may find the fireworks amusing.


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